Founded on peppery olive oil, abundant fresh fruit and veg, lots of fish and carefully prepared meat, Mediterranean food is about as close as we will ever get to tasting the sun. So it is no surprise that the best Mediterranean restaurants in the UK are so popular. From the bouillabaisse soups of Provencal restaurants to the mezze of Greek taverns via the lemon-scented fish of Corsican bistros, the most popular Mediterranean restaurants in Britain offer a tantalising memory of great holidays. We can’t promise sun-kissed beaches but, thanks to our easy to use online booking system, 5pm can help you dine in the best Mediterranean restaurants the UK has to offer.

Book the best Mediterranean restaurants in Britain

If you are looking for an halloumi salad, paella or a beautiful piece of herb-roasted lamb, Britain’s best Mediterranean restaurants can be booked through 5pm. The hard part is choosing between them. Thanks to’s readers’ reviews and ratings, we make it easy for you to select the Mediterranean bistro that best suits you. Written by readers who have eaten in the restaurants, the reviews are a reliable guide to the Mediterranean restaurant deals which you can book online with 5pm.

Eat at the UK’s finest Mediterranean restaurants

Mediterranean food lovers can find their ideal restaurant using 5pm. Remember, we source our deals locally and can provide deals that you won’t see in the restaurants themselves. Eating out at Britain’s best Mediterranean restaurants couldn’t be any easier.

Offers in Mediterranean Restaurants

Mediterranean Restaurants

Firebird – £10 pasta/salad offer + glass of wine
Avant Garde – £20 for 3 courses on a la carte menu + glass of wine
Grand Cru – A la carte available
Le Petit Cochon – £16 for soup + main course on main menu
Westview Restaurant – Leonardo Hotel Edinburgh Capital – £50 2 person offer – any 2 steaks with accompaniments on a la carte grill section + bottle of wine to share
San Vincenzo – A la carte available
Tinto – East Kilbride – £10.95 for 3 tapas on a la carte menu + glass of sangria or wine
Oregano at The Eagle Lodge – £10.95 for 2 courses on 5pm menu + drink
Mezze – £8.95 for 3 Dishes from the lunch menu
Mia Restaurant Morningside – £19.95 for 2 courses on set menu + glass of Prosecco