Italian restaurants are among the most popular eating out options in Britain today and you can easily book a table at them using From Ristorante Biagio on Picadilly to La Parmigiana in Glasgow, Italian restaurants lay on a warm welcome the length and breadth of Britain. There is a pizza and pasta joint on nearly every High Street and, at the fine dining end of the market, Italian chefs work in some of the best restaurants in the country.

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In fact, starting with the ice cream parlours, cafes and chip shops which Italians opened when they first arrived in Britain, Italian food has been one of the major forces shaping the UK’s taste buds for the last century. It wasn’t so long ago that the British could be hoaxed into thinking that spaghetti grew on trees and tinned ravioli was thought sophisticated. Along with holidays to Italy, champions of Italian food such Antonio Carluccio and indeed Jamie Oliver have helped change our idea of what authentic Italian food really is.

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Today in the UK, Italian trattoria and ristorante use the finest Italian speciality products, combined with the best local ingredients, to create dishes which would look quite at home in the finest restaurants of Rome, Naples or Florence. Whether you want a simple, tasty Margherita pizza or an authentic, regional Italian feast paired with a beautiful bottle of Barolo, there are Italian restaurants all over Britain which will be happy to say Buongiorno. Explore 5pm’s Italian restaurant reviews to help you find the Italian experience you are searching for.

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Grand Cru – £12 for 2 courses on set dinner menu
Nonna’s Kitchen – Lunch menu available
Insolito – £17.50 for 2 courses on set lunch menu + soft drink
Ristorante Piccolo Mondo Renfrew – £60 2 person offer – 2 courses on Valentine’s menu aperitif coffee
Barolo Grill – £14.95 for 2 courses on lunch & early dinner menu
Amaretto Italian Kitchen & Bar – £10.95 for 3 small plates + drink
Andiamo – Milngavie – £13.95 for 2 courses on the pre-theatre menu + wine
A Little Taste of Italy Ristorante Teatro – £5.95 for 2 courses on lunch menu
La Rotunda – 20% a la carte starter & main course discount
Martone – 20% main dish discount