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Glengoyne - it's worth the wait

Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is world renowned as one of the finest Highland single malts.
Glengoyne, which takes its name from ‘Glen Guin’ or ‘Glen of the Wild Geese’, has been producing exceptional
single malt whisky for nearly 200 years.

Six core truths of the Glengoyne journey define the subtle, yet complex flavour of this award-winning single malt…


Unlike most other single malt whiskies, Glengoyne dries its malted barley using only warm air, resulting in an extremely subtle yet complex malt where all the delicate flavours are freely expressed.


Up to six years from oak forest to Highland distillery, that’s how long it takes before the hand-selected casks are ready to receive the precious Glengoyne spirit.

They are stacked – only three high – for maturation in traditional cool stone-built dunnage warehouses for 10 to 20 years or more.


Almost to the letter, Glengoyne follows the principles its founders established. Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch whiskies are handcrafted with time-honoured skills passed down from one generation of distillers to the next.

Oak Casks

An investment of time and care, this beautiful Highland malt collection is matured in the finest sherry oak casks from Jerez in Southern Spain.


Glengoyne Distillery, in Dumgoyne near Loch Lomond, is regarded as the most beautiful Scotch whisky distillery. It boasts the slowest distillation process in Scotland with patience the key to the Glengoyne journey.

Natural Colour

From the golden hue of the 10 Year Old to the deep copper of the 21 Year Old, the colour of the Glengoyne whiskies comes from time and wood alone


We were a party of ten and all were delighted with food and service, it was a festive menu and very good value for money. It's lovely restaurant with atmosphere and ambiance, no hesitation in recommending it.
Great value for money and good portion sizes. Would definitely recommend.
Natalie Greenhorn - 05/12/2018
Pre theatre meal offers great value for money. Decent choices. Good value wine list. Friendly service. Lovely atmosphere.
Karen Boyle - 21/10/2018
We just love this place. Food always excellent and always a great atmosphere.
Linda Robinson - 21/10/2018



Complex, sweet and rounded – with a spicy oak finish. This is the taste of distilling slower than anyone in Scotland. The flavours develop in hand-selected sherry casks – balancing deep character with light vanilla notes.

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