Smoak BBQ

21 reviews

6 Royal Exchange Square, G1 3AB

City Centre, Glasgow

Cuisine: Eclectic, Mexican

About Smoak BBQ

  • Food: 5

    Ambience: 5

    Service: 5

    Value: 5

    Good Value but

    Went on a 5pm Voucher. All Day Breakfast was quality food with good service but too much fat present, swimming in grease was my wives comment.
    - dined in restaurant 28/07/2017
  • Food: 4

    Ambience: 4

    Service: 4

    Value: 4

    Great deal

    Lovely place service and food been lots of time and will be going back again
    - dined in restaurant 18/06/2017

Prime BBQ in Glasgow city centre

Having evolved from a street food truck via pop-ups to this permanent Royal Exchange Square restaurant, SMOAK have worked long and hard on their BBQ. At the heart of their offer is a team of chefs who combine classic European cooking, American BBQ techniques and an interest in using the Asian concept of marrying sweet, sour, bitter, salt, and umami. While they are serious about their BBQ, SMOAK restaurant is a laidback hangout with a contemporary rustic feel.

Gourmet BBQ

SMOAK don’t compromise in their quest for the perfect BBQ. They have built their own smokers and use hickory, apple wood and whisky oak wood chips to flavour carefully selected, locally sourced cuts of meat. Their chicken, beef and pork are brined or dry rubbed before being smoked for up to fourteen hours.

One way to sample a range of the kitchen’s dishes would be to order the SMOAK stack: prime Scottish brisket, pork belly, slaw and pickles served on toasted jalapeño corn bread with BBQ gravy. The applewood-smoked Ayrshire baby back ribs with bourbon glaze, orange bitters and house slaw come highly recommended.

Less hardcore options might be the tacos, salads, the mac ‘n’ three cheese or the Asian-spiced pork broth with smoked duck, king prawns, udon noodles, egg and spring onions. Seafood and the occasional veggie option are also available.

City centre transport and attractions

SMOAK is very conveniently located on Royal Exchange Square, right next to the Gallery of Modern Art and a five to ten minute walk from Central Station, Queen Street station, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the Pavilion and Cineworld. There is pay parking at Buchanan Galleries.

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21 Reviews