The most popular European restaurants in Britain take their inspiration from continental Europe’s entire vast culinary heritage but choose to pinch the bits from each country that best suit each dish. So the principal ingredient in a dish might be from Spain but the cooking method developed by the French. The idea is to make a harmonious new dish from our different culinary traditions. The best way to navigate this potentially confusing culinary map is to explore Britain’s European restaurants with the help of

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Our database of European restaurants in the UK is designed to be as informative and easy to use as possible. Users of 5pm’s online restaurant reservation system can review the member restaurants they have visited and post a review along with ratings on the restaurant’s 5pm page. In addition to the readers’ reviews, the restaurants themselves post up to date sample menus so that customers can keep up with the latest creations to emerge from the kitchens. You can look up the reviews, the ratings and the sample menus and see which of our many European restaurants you would most like to eat at.

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