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  • Surf & Turf Holyrood

    81 Holyrood Road, EH8 8AU

    Old Town, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: British, Scottish, Seafood,

    Availability for Surf & Turf Holyrood

    • save10%
      10% a la carte menu discount
  • Angels Share Hotel, Bar & Restaurant

    Hope Street, EH2 4EL

    New Town, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Scottish,

    Availability for Angels Share Hotel, Bar & Restaurant

    • A la carte available
  • Zucca Cafe & Restaurant

    15-17 Grindlay Street, EH3 9AX

    Old Town, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Italian,

    Availability for Zucca Cafe & Restaurant

    • save10%
      10% a la carte discount
    • A la carte available
  • Indian Lounge

    129a Rose Street, EH2 3DT

    City Centre, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Indian, Seafood, Vegetarian/Vegan,

    Availability for Indian Lounge

    • £16.50
      £16.50 for 2 courses on set menu
    • Dine on the a la carte menu
  • Edinburgh River Life

    82-84 Dalry Road , EH11 2AX

    West End, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Caribbean, French,

    Availability for Edinburgh River Life

    • save15%
      15% a la carte discount
    • £19.95
      £19.95 for 2 course on set menu
  • The Everest Nepalese and Indian Restaurant

    52 Home Street, EH3 9NA

    Tollcross, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian/Vegan, Nepalese,

    Availability for The Everest Nepalese and Indian Restaurant

    • save20%
      20% a la carte discount
  • Mintleaf

    28 Bernard Street, EH6 6PP

    Leith, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Indian, Thai, Vegetarian/Vegan,

    Availability for Mintleaf

    • A la carte available
  • Britannia Spice

    150 Commercial Street, EH6 6LB

    Leith, Edinburgh

    Cuisine: Far Eastern, Indian, Thai,

    Availability for Britannia Spice

    • A la carte available

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