Italian restaurants in Edinburgh

Italian restaurants in Edinburgh, like in most cities, are ubiquitous. It’s not difficult to understand why – Italian cuisine is probably the most popular in the world and few people can resist a serving of crispy pizza, fresh pasta or creamy tiramisu.
Edinburgh Italian restaurants
Navigating the many Edinburgh Italian restaurants can be tricky – as with Italian restaurants everywhere, the quality varies greatly, as does personal taste. One person’s magnifico may be another’s meh.

Best Italian restaurants in Edinburgh

Here at 5pm we’ve made the hunt for the best Italian restaurants in Edinburgh much easier which the use of our search function. From your computer or mobile, you can look through our database of Italian restaurants filtered by date, area and price, with reviews from our 5pm users.

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Let us be your guide as you discover the best of what Edinburgh Italian restaurants have to offer. And make sure you choose wisely. As the famous Italian saying goes “Uno non può pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene” – “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one hasn’t eaten well.”