Belfast Restaurants

The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast has become a beacon amongst the international community for its cosmopolitan flair, and that extends to its many restaurants too. Offering recipes to tempt all taste buds, diners at restaurants in Belfast can find great offers on meals when booking with 5pm.

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Restaurants in Belfast, whether they’re serving up the favourites of the homeland dishes from around the world, often use locally sourced and fresh produce and meats – including Irish beef, famous worldwide for its quality. Scout the best restaurants using the finest ingredients in domestic and foreign cuisines in Belfast with our customer reviews.

Whether you’re looking for an intimate escape in Belfast, taking a business partner out for a quick pub lunch or bringing a large group for cocktails and Chinese cuisine, restaurants in Belfast can cater to every occasion.

Diners may also wish to explore the area surrounding Belfast, including the rustic Irish countryside, in order to dine at one of the many authentic restaurants in Northern Ireland