Holiday deals from Scotland

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You can get sun drenched breaks, slick city getaways and long distance holidays to suit all your travel needs.

Leaving from central locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh, our package holidays are convenient, easy to book, and offer excellent value for money.

Deals vary depending on the time of year but previous deals have included holidays in popular locations across Europe like Berlin and Lisbon as well as up and coming locations like Palanga in Lithuania. You can also get holiday offers for further afield locations like New York.

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Popular locations


Berlin is once more one of the world’s great capitals. Coming in out of the Cold War, Berlin, post-reunification, is a vibrant, cultural metropolis that combines the grandeur of a capital city with one of Europe’s most dynamic counter-culture scenes.


It tends to get overshadowed by Madrid and Barcelona, but Valencia deserves to be regarded as one of the great cities of Spain. Superb architecture, from Roman to 21st-century, brilliant tapas bars, an atmospheric old town… there is just so much to admire in this Mediterranean metropolis.


The Romanian capital Bucharest might not feature prominently on the familiar roster of European city break destinations, but word-of-mouth has raised its profile in recent years and it is becoming increasingly popular with travellers looking for new discoveries. Bucharest took a little longer than some other Eastern capitals to emerge from its post-Soviet traumas, but the 21st century city has a noticeable positive vibe, cultural confidence and tourist-friendly facilities.


They call it the Eternal City for a reason. It wasn’t built in a day, all roads lead there and Audrey Hepburn met Gregory Peck on a memorable cinematic visit. Resist the urge to overdose on history and culture and focus on one or two attractions during each day of your stay. Cinema enthusiasts will be keen to spot all the classic movie locations from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps, and will also want to take the Metro journey out to the iconic Cinecitta studios. The Sistine Chapel and the outstanding art collections of the Borghese and Doria Pamphilj Galleries will be a highlight for many, but are understandably popular.


The hyper-modern Emirates metropolis is the stuff of every shopaholic’s dreams, not to mention the city’s stunning architecture, chic beaches and fabulous sights. As one of the world’s great centres of commerce, shopping is an obvious highlight of any visit to Dubai. Choose from the contrasting attractions of the spectacular luxury malls or the colourful stalls on local markets.


For many Alicante is the gateway to the resorts of the Costa Blanca, a place to pass by en route to Benidorm. A little closer investigation reveals one of Spain’s most distinctive cities, a destination rich in history and culture. A considerable part of the city’s charm lies in the attractive warren of streets of the Barrio Santa Cruz around the cathedral, with late-opening bars, live music and atmospheric clubs.