Your wedding may be the most elaborate event of your life, and it’s essential that you look and feel your best. At, we specialise in providing brides with the ultimate in beauty services, spa recommendations, and everything else you need to ensure that you’ll be in top form as you walk down the aisle.

What kinds of services do brides-to-be need? In our experience, the most popular beauty and professional services sought by women who are about to get married include:

  • Hair. The right hairstyle is a big part of a bride’s ensemble. Professional hairdressers can help by trimming or adding extensions in advance, and by styling your hair on the big day.
  • Nails. Whether a bride is interested in scheduling a group trip to the nail salon with her bridesmaids or just wants a manicure and pedicure for herself, there are plenty of options available to add a polished finishing touch.
  • Professional Make Up. Maybe you’re a whiz with makeup, or perhaps you can’t tell foundation from mascara. Either way, having an expert pamper you on the day of your wedding gives you one less thing to worry about.

If you’re planning ahead to a wedding date months away, you may already be thinking of self-improvements you’d like to make in advance, such as:

  • Tanning. White always looks best when it’s set against a tan. Brides who’d like to sport a healthy tan on the big day without hours of outdoors sun exposure can get a golden glow in a premium tanning salon.
  • Teeth Whitening. Want your teeth to look just a little bit brighter in the wedding photos? Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can make a world of difference in a bride’s smile.
  • Facials. Makeup can work wonders, but if you’ve got time to improve the natural beauty of your skin, take advantage of it! Pampering yourself with a facial or other skin care treatment, or even a massage, relieves the effects of stress leading up to the big day.
  • Fitness and Weight Loss. If you’d like to shed a few pounds or add a little more muscle to your arms to pull off that strapless dress, you’re not alone! Many brides join a gym or hire a personal trainer to help them get in tip-top shape before the big day.

Whatever you need to look and feel your best as you approach your wedding, 5pm is here to recommend the best beauty services and products to fulfill your needs.