Beauty is supposed to look effortless, but sometimes it’s anything but easy. Hair removal is one of those everyday grooming tasks that can be annoying, tedious, or downright painful depending on the approach you choose. Waxing has an advantage over shaving or laser hair removal: it’s cheap, easy, and semi-permanent, so you won’t have to do it every day or even every week!

Waxing for Men and Women

Waxing is one of the most reliable ways to remove unwanted hair from your body or face, since it pulls hairs out at the root. Hard or soft wax products are used to pull hair out by allowing the wax to harden on the body and then pulling it off against the direction of hair growth. This form of hair removal prevents body hair from growing back for up to eight weeks.

Although there is some degree of pain involved, waxing is a favourite method for plenty of men and women because it only has to be done once every few weeks and is quick and convenient.

Types of Waxing

There are many different types of waxing, some of which you can do at home, and others that require an aesthetician’s help.

  • Underarm Waxing: Shaving every day is a bore, so many women – and some men – increasingly opt for underarm waxing.
  • Facial Waxing: An aesthetician can reshape eyebrows or remove hair from the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, and other areas. Wax should never be applied to the eyelids, eyelashes, ears, or nose.
  • Leg Waxing: Get clean, hairless legs ready for the beach or for strutting your stuff in your favourite short shorts.
  • Back and Chest Waxing: The most common kind of waxing for men, this treatment removes hair from the upper body, leaving skin smooth and hairless.
  • Bikini Waxing: Get ready for swimsuit season with a bikini wax that removes any hair that would show outside your swimsuit.
  • Brazilian Wax: The most intense waxing job, this treatment removes all
    hair in intimate areas.

Waxing is fairly simple, but it’s not always easy to do it on yourself. A professional aesthetician can make any waxing, from eyebrows to a full Brazilian, quicker, easier, and less painful. If you’re interested in a waxing procedure, browse our spa and waxing listings to find an expert in your area.