Hair Extensions

If your hair is short, damaged, or very flat or fine, it may seem impossible to pull off some of the long, beautiful hair styles seen on celebrities and fashion pros. But with the discreet, seamless addition of high-quality hair extensions, it’s easy to add length and thickness to your hair and pull off even the most elaborate of long hair styles.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

Hair extensions are additions to your own natural hair, made from either synthetic hair or strands of real, human hair. Treated to act like natural hair, they can be attached to your head either permanently or temporarily:

  • Permanent Hair Extensions: Usually made from human hair, these extensions are glued or bonded onto lower layers of your own hair to provide a natural, seamless appearance. For best results, permanent extensions should only be installed by a hairdresser or professional stylist.
  • Removable or “Clip In” Hair Extensions: These extensions are used for temporary styles, like a fancy up-do for a formal event, or for occasional use. They are more likely to be synthetic, but can also be made from real human hair.

What Can I Do with Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are popular because they are so versatile, and can be used in countless ways and to create many different hair styles. Below are just some of the goals you might have for your hair extensions:

  • Add length: The most common use of hair extensions is to add length to the hair, changing the entire look of your cut and style.
  • Create more volume: If your hair falls flat, extensions are an instant, hassle-free way to add permanent volume and bulk to your hair.

*Add highlights, lowlights, or unique colours: Temporary hair extensions are a safe way to experiment with coloured highlights, lowlights, or layers of colour depth

If you’re looking for advice on the hair styles and options available with hair extensions, a professional hairdresser is the best person to see. Visit 5pm’s hairdresser listings for more information on the best stylists in your area.