Sculptur Hair Design (Kelvinbridge)

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326 Woodlands Road, G3 6NQ

West End, Glasgow

Most popular offers at Sculptur Hair Design (Kelvinbridge)

  • £49

    Morning Madness - Colour Service (Mon-Fri)

    Available for bookings before 1:00pm –

    Any colour treatment, includes a cut, style & blow dry and Marrakech treatment.

    Choose from half head highlights, t-bar foils, full head tint, full head foils or ombre.

    • Morning Booking - Any Colour Treatment
      3 hours
    • £55

      Colour Offer Weekends and Afternoons (Mon-Sat)

      Includes a full head of foils, or balayage
      Includes a cut and blow dry

      • Weekend Any Colour - Includes a cut & blow dry
        3 hours
      • £9.50

        Spring Offer - Blow Dry (Mon-Sat)

        • Spring Offer - Blow Dry
          1 hour
        • £21

          Cut & Finish with Luxury Blow Dry (Mon-Sat)

          • Cut & Finish with Luxury Blow Dry
            1 hour

About Sculptur Hair Design (Kelvinbridge)

  • Treatment: 5

    Ambience: 5

    Service: 5

    Value: 5

    A really good deal and excellent service but communication lacking

    I booked for a full-head highlights, cut & style. Everyone was super friendly and I was given tea several times throughout. There’s no doubt the hairdressers here know what they’re doing, my colour technician was very lovely and gave me advice about toners and silver shampoos. The only thing that bothered me was the cut. My hair sat on my shoulders and I asked for approx 3" off, so the hair would sit a few inches below my jawline. Whilst the back of my hair was getting cut, the hairdresser asked me to keep my head down and forward, so when I eventually looked up, I was horrified to see that she had cut my hair exactly to my neck. I mentioned this, she said something about “unevenness” at the back because it had been cut shoddily two weeks before. There was still a lot of length to my hair at the back and there was no need to take it that short. After that I just had to sit and watch as the rest of my hair was cut to this length. It now sits on my jawline. It took a while to style and I had to ask several times for it to be straightened out so that it looked longer as she kept trying to curl the ends. I really liked the girls so I had trouble telling them how upset I was. Hair is such an integral part of someone’s identity and I felt that the hairdresser had another vision for my hair when that’s not what I asked for. To add to this, the ends are not even, but I didn’t want to tell her that because I didn’t want any more length coming off. My hair is naturally wavy, so I can’t imagine how short it’s going to be when it dries naturally. When I mentioned how short it was she said “this style’s really in right now” but that’s not the style I asked for. Colour’s great though, just hope my hair grows back fast.
    - visited venue 08/03/2019
  • Treatment: 4

    Ambience: 3

    Service: 3

    Value: 5

    Cut and blow dry

    I was taken before my appointment which was good. Cut was good. I wasn’t offered a tea or coffee or a magazine however the whole appointment was pretty quick plus she curled it for me so I can’t complain. Usually I leave hairdressers feeling like I was a burden and the whole appointment is rush, this was not the case here! I would go back
    - visited venue 08/03/2019

Sculptur Hair Design (Kelvinbridge)

Sculptur Hair Design is a trendy, modern and vibrant salon in Glasgow’s West End. Established in 1990, the popular salon won OK Magazine’s ‘Best Haircut’ award and 11 consecutive ‘Best Salon’ awards from List Magazine.

Despite the accolades, the salon remains welcoming and friendly and the experienced stylists are on hand to meet your hair needs and wants.

A full range of refreshments are available from wine to coffee.

Please note that all De Courcy’s Arcade staff are now at the Kelvinbridge salon

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