Life and Soul Healing

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1 Queen Margaret Road, G20 6DP

West End, Glasgow

Most popular offers at Life and Soul Healing

  • £75

    Shamanic Cleansing, De-stress and Healing Session (Mon, Thu, Fri)

    Have your whole energy cleansed from negativity or stress with the use of sacred herbs such as sage and palo santo. You can feel the amazing effects immediately. Your energy is affected by everything around you and this is a natural and effective way of cleansing it, allowing you to feel vibrant and uplifted.

    • Shamanic Cleansing, De-stress and Healing Session
      1 hour
    • £35

      Reiki Session (Mon, Thu, Fri)

      An energy healing treatment to assist the body and mind in healing and to restore balance, sooth emotions and promote feelings of relaxation and peace.

      • Reiki Session
        1 hour

About Life and Soul Healing

Life and Soul Healing

Based in a homely and relaxing Spiritual Centre in west end of Glasgow, Life and Soul Healing focuses on the inner self, health and wellbeing. And offers treatments such as Shamanic healing, Reiki and inner child consultations.

The atmosphere is friendly and professional and you are made very comfortable throughout your stay. Music enhances the atmosphere and the healing experience offered is powerful.