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You’re in the right place to find salons for Gel or Shellac nails in Glasgow. 5pm Spa & Beauty has lots of offers for venues you can book right now across the city - from the West End to the South Side to Maryhill.

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Gel & Shellac Nail Salons in Glasgow

Why should you get gel or shellac nails?

Anyone who is remotely beauty savvy knows that gel and shellac is where it’s at in the beauty world. Designed for women who really know what they want from a manicure, this type of manicure is a hard wearing and glamorous option, making the most of what you have to create a beautiful, stylish manicure that doesn’t lose its shine for up to two weeks.

This type of manicure is popular with people who love to have a well groomed and manicured look, but don’t always have the time to make repeat visits to a nail bar for acrylics. They’re different from a traditional acrylic manicure and kinder to your natural fingernails as they're easier to remove and don't put your natural fingernails under the same stress.

If you’re not sure which to pick, here a quick summary of the differences:

  • Gel
    • lasts longer, around three weeks depending on lifestyle
    • harder to remove
    • more colour choice
  • Shellac
    • gives you a two week manicure
    • easier to remove
    • kinder to your fingernails
Drying nails with UV lamp

What you can expect from your nail appointment

You can be sure that when booking a salon on 5pm that they’ll have professional therapists working in a relaxed environment. When you get to your appointment, your nails will be prepared for the polish, cleaned and shaped.

The gel or shellac polish is applied just like an ordinary polish but is set - or ‘cured’ – under specially designed UV light to ensure it stays put. A base coat, a colour coat, and then a couple of applications of top coat and you’ll be left with nails that are mirror shiny, glossy and resilient for up to a fortnight.

You’ll get an idea of how long your appointment will be when booking on 5pm as the approximate duration will be listed next to the offer.

Gel & Shellac nail offers in Glasgow

This is a very popular type of treatment with lots of venues in neighbourhoods across Glasgow with offers you can book right now. Browse the offers, book the date and time you want and pay for your appointment all via 5pm Spa & Beauty. To make sure you're booking a salon that's right for you, we collect verified reviews from every customer who's visited a salon so you can check these out beforehand.

When you look for nail offers in Glasgow you’ll see different brands named. OPI and Jessica Geleration are the top names for gel polish and Shellac is associated with Creative Nail Design or CBD, a leader in nail technology who created the formulation.

Alternative nail extensions (acrylic)

If you’re looking for more than a long lasting manicure and would like longer fingernails as well, acrylic semi-permanent nails are an option to look at. These are a type of artificial nail formed from a mix of liquid and powder that work well to extend your nails. These will be painted with polish too, in whatever colour you want. Other types of polish can be used on an acrylic too.