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If you’re looking to get acrylic nails in Glasgow, you’re in the right place. You’re taking the first step to perfect nails, 5pm Spa & Beauty has lots of offers to book right now.

We have salons specialising in acrylics across Glasgow, from the West End to the South side, so you’re sure to find the right salon near you. All salons have reviews and some top rated venues for this treatment include Pinkies & Toes, LA Beauty and Kerenza Salon.

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All glamorous ladies love to keep their fingernails looking groomed and sophisticated – and anyone who is keeping an eye on their beauty budget needs to check out our website for the best offers to book now. You can get the best acrylic nail offers in Glasgow on 5pm Spa & Beauty.

Get offers from £20 on 5pm, book the date and time you want and pay for your appointment all via our site. Plus we have 100s of salon reviews from verified 5pm customers so you can see if the salon and treatments are exactly what you’re looking for.

What are acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are a type of artificial nail placed on top of your own fingernail that can be used as a type of nail extension. The false nails are formed from a mix of liquid and powder that is then shaped to your fingernail and air dried. They can then be painted with polish for a long lasting finish.

You can use acrylics as a way to grow your fingernails underneath them plus acrylics can be painted with a French manicure to give a natural look. They’re easy to remove, long lasting and are robust.

What to expect from your nail appointment

5pm Spa & Beauty has highly professional technicians you can put 100% of your confidence in to give you perfect nails. Appointments last at least an hour so make sure you leave enough time in your schedule.

When you go to your appointment, your technician will prepare your natural fingernail for the acrylics by removing any existing polish, trimming and buffing them and pushing your cuticles back.

They’ll then add some primer and apply tips with glue. The tips extend your fingernail and act as a base. The acrylic liquid and powder mixture is then applied to the fingernails and tips with a brush.

Once dried, the technician can shape them with specialist tools like a grit file. Now they can be painted and finished with clear polish to extend their life.

Your own fingernails will continue to grow under the acrylics and after a couple of weeks they will be pushed up as the new growth becomes visible at the base of the fingernail. You can get acrylic infills to extend the acrylics life and hide this new growth.

Infills are quicker to do and generally take around 30 minutes, longer if you also want them painted. All offers on 5pm will show you how long your appointment will take.

Alternative nail extensions

There are other options if you don’t think acrylics are for you. Some people opt for gels, which are a type of fake nail that is more flexible and even easier to remove.