Eyes and Ears

Whether you’re getting all dolled up for a night on the town or dressing down for a casual coffee or brunch date with a friend, your eyes and ears are two key beauty areas that deserve some extra attention. From classic beauties like Cleopatra to modern movie stars to everyday real women, enhancing the eyes and drawing attention to the face with the right make-up and accessories are two of the simplest and most elegant ways to look your best.

Eye Make-up

There’s nothing more feminine than regal, beautiful eyes. Whether your eyes are blue, green, grey, hazel, or some colour in between, you need to find the right make-up for you and use it to its best effect. Which of these eye make-up styles sounds most like yours?

  • Dark and smoky: Dark and mysterious make-up can be immensely flattering when paired with the right clothing and in the right setting. Use sexy, smoky eye make-up in casual or semi-formal looks, matched with subtle lip colour and dark clothing.
  • Clean and simple: If your make-up emphasis will be on your lips and cheeks, lighter eye colour may be appropriate. Simple eye liner and mascara serve as a perfect complement to dark lipstick.
  • Hints of colour: Unusual eye shadow colours like blue, green, and purple might have been considered garish a decade ago, but today they are part of an everyday colour palette used to create a shimmering, understated effect.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Thanks to the wonders of cosmetic contact lenses, it’s possible to transform your eyes without make-up. With non-prescription coloured contacts, your eyes can be whatever shade you’d like, at least for a day. They’re inexpensive, easy to wear, and make it fun and easy to experiment with different looks. From unusual shades like violet and red to more normal tones of blue, green, hazel, and grey, you can have any eyes you’d like – and switch back to your natural colour at the end of the day.

Ear Piercing and Care

Earrings are one of the most classic pieces of jewellery, worn by women and men throughout the ages. If you’re interested in having your ears pierced, there are dozens of local beauty salons and jewellery stores that offer ear piercing and care, as well as a wide selection of casual and formal earrings for all styles and occasions.

Whether you’re looking for ear piercing salons, makeover and make-up experts, or places to purchase cosmetic colour contacts or other accessories, we’ve got you covered with the best local ear and eye beauty experts.