Your hairstyle is a fundamental component of your look. Whether you wear it long or short, coiffed and coloured, or completely natural, it’s important to keep your mane healthy, well-groomed, and in good condition. Maybe you like to change it up every few months, or perhaps you prefer to keep the same hairstyle for years at a time—either way, the cut and style of your hair is a big part of how you represent yourself to the world.

Hair Sends a Message about Your Style

Your hair sets the tone for your overall appearance and fashion sense, working in conjunction with your makeup, clothes, and accessories. A short blonde pixie cut makes a very different impression than long, shining chestnut waves. What does your haircut say about you?

  • Long Haircuts: Long hair is always in fashion. Whether yours is curly or straight, dyed or its own natural colour, there’s nothing more feminine than cascading tresses. Long hair can be braided, styled, straightened, or curled to suit any mood or match any style.
  • Short Hairstyles: Pixie cuts and other short styles are all the rage, exuding a confident, spunky personality. The shorter your style, the more your face will be seen. There are a variety of short haircuts to flatter any face shape and skin tone.
  • In-Between Lengths: A shoulder-length style can be elegant and attractive, framing your face with layers or falling straight. In-between lengths combine the virtues of both long and short hairstyles, but aren’t quite as dramatic. In-between lengths are a happy medium when you’re not sure what to choose, and flatter most any face shape.

Haircuts to Suit Your Face

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is choosing a haircut without considering how it will look with their face shape. Whether your face is heart-shaped, round, or long, your hair color and style should enhance what nature has given you.

Some styles work best for certain face shapes, while others will flatter just about anyone. If you’re not sure what style to choose, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced stylist who has the training and the eye to recommend a suitable style. Whether you want a short style, long layers, or something in between, a professional hairdresser can help you find the right cut for you.

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