Hair Colouring

Looking for a quick and easy way to refresh your hair and add vibrancy and flair to your look? Colouring your hair is a simple way to dramatically transform your style. So what’s the secret to finding the perfect hair colour – the one that will look sexy and glamorous without looking artificial? The trick is choosing a colour that complements your eyes and your skin tone to enhance your natural assets.

Choosing the Perfect Hair Colour for You

So you’ve always wanted to be a redhead… or maybe you’re dreaming of becoming a stunning brunette. But how do you know if a particular shade will look good on you?

  • Blonde: In general, if you had blonde hair when you were younger, you’ll look good with it today. Women with blue or green eyes can almost always pull off blonde hair colouring – but it will still depend on finding the right tone. Some women can pull off a dark or “dirty” blonde, but not a light blonde, which would wash them out.
  • Brunette: Brown hair looks good on most people—as long as you choose the right shade. If you have very pale skin or you want to look younger, try going for a lighter brown rather than a dark brunette.
  • Red: Red hair is the hardest to pull off, but with the right shade, it’s possible for almost anyone to do it. Reds are as varied as any other hair colour, ranging from strawberry blonde to deep auburn. There’s a red for everyone, but it’s a good idea to ask a stylist for help finding the right tone for your colouring.

Single Colour, Highlights, or Lowlights?

Once you’ve decided whether you’d like go red, blonde, or brunette, it’s time to think about the type of colouring job you want. A single colour will provide the most natural look and can complement your existing shade if your natural hair colour is dull or washes you out. Highlights and lowlights (dark highlights) are a great way to add drama without changing your base hair colour, and they also require less retouching than all-over colour: only every two or three months, compared to every four to eight weeks for a single colour.

Whatever you decide, your local hairdresser or salon can help you select the perfect shade for your skin tone, and can also recommend hair colouring tips and processes to ensure that you achieve a healthy, lustrous, natural look.