Body Treatments

Ready for a relaxing, luxurious day at the spa? Body treatments are an important part of the essential spa experience, and will leave your skin and entire body with a healthy, natural glow.

What are Body Treatments?

There are many different kinds of body treatments, depending on the spa you visit and your health and relaxation needs. From massage and shiatsu to acupuncture and aromatherapy, the benefits of body treatments range from skin care to pain relief, improved energy, relaxation, and more. Some of the most popular body treatments include:

  • Massage: Have your aches, pains, soreness, and tension kneaded away by the expert hands of a massage therapist. Hundreds of different massage types are offered by spas all over the country.
  • Body Scrubs: The most popular body treatments, scrubs exfoliate the skin with sea salt, sugar, or other exfoliants to leave your entire body soft, supple, and flawless. It’s like a facial for your entire figure!
  • Body Wraps: Wraps are used to nourish the skin as well as provide a cleansing and purifying effect on the entire body. They are often used for detox and weight loss, and may contain ingredients like natural clay, kelp, or aromatherapy oils.

What Do Body Treatments Do?

Treatments like massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, or hot stone sessions provide deep relaxation, pain relief, and other therapeutic benefits. But most body treatments are focused on revitalizing your skin and offering a “body facial” that will make you look and feel smooth and beautiful.

Most spas begin with a scrub, then shower off and finish with a wrap. Most of these treatments focus on your skin, but others go deeper to provide cleansing, detoxification, stress relief, anti-ageing and more.

Some of the most intense body treatments offer the following benefits:

  • Anti-ageing: These include ingredients that make your skin look more youthful by healing sun damage, removing fine lines, and lightening other marks or spots.
  • Anti-cellulite: Get rid of unsightly lumps and bumps with these body treatments.
  • Stress relief: Aromatherapy procedures help to relax and revitalize your entire body after a stressful day or week.