Restaurant Reviews in  Glasgow, City Centre

  1. Review - The Tearooms at Butterfly and the Pig, Glasgow

    Great tea
    Rating 4.4/5 by Corinne Woodger - 27/02/2015
    The high tea is excellent value for money. The Tearooms were warm and cosy when we went on a damp Wednesday night and the staff gave us a friendly...Read the rest
  2. Review - Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn, Glasgow

    Would def go back
    Rating 5/5 by Louise Reilly - 27/02/2015
    Went for dinner with my friend and we were both keen to try it as I had hear good things about it. We were disappointed. Service was great...Read the rest
  3. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Great lunch
    Rating 4.6/5 by john mcintyre - 26/02/2015
    Great value at present and a lovely menu to choose from. Staff friendly and not pushy. Great place to go and chat over nice food in classic surroundings.Read the rest
  4. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Rating 5/5 by Margo Curran - 26/02/2015
    Absolutely fabulousRead the rest
  5. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Another excellent lunch!
    Rating 5/5 by Mags Haddow - 26/02/2015
    Request for soft seating granted. Staff do require to be commended for their diligence & service given with a smile!Read the rest
  6. Review - Alla Turca Grill & Meze Bar, Glasgow

    Ok for Mid week dinner
    Rating 2.8/5 by Eleanor Atkinson - 26/02/2015
    Meal was average.Read the rest
  7. Review - Bar Soba Mitchell Lane, Glasgow

    Excellent all round
    Rating 4.8/5 by Julie-Marie Snaddon - 26/02/2015
    Food, value and service were all excellent. Deep fried ice-cream was tremendous!Read the rest
  8. Review - Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn, Glasgow

    Rating 4.6/5 by Barbara McLean - 26/02/2015
    I've been to Tiki bar & Kitsch Inn a few times now and on my latest visit was pleased to report that the food was incredible as always. The service...Read the rest
  9. Review - Alla Turca Grill & Meze Bar, Glasgow

    Good experience
    Rating 4.8/5 by Carole Gordon - 26/02/2015
    A great deal. Food excellent, freshly prepared. Great value for money.Read the rest
  10. Review - The Restaurant Bar and Grill (Glasgow), Glasgow

    Nice meal
    Rating 4.6/5 by kathleen mclaren - 25/02/2015
    Enjoyed the 2 courses for £15 deal would not recommend the steak well done as my husband had this and it made the steak too toughRead the rest
  11. Review - Bar Soba Mitchell Lane, Glasgow

    Never fails
    Rating 5/5 by Diana Peralta - 25/02/2015
    We go here almost once a week and always love it. Shame the pad thai has been removed from the pre-theatre menu though. Definitely going backRead the rest
  12. Review - Urban Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow

    Pre-theatre meal
    Rating 5/5 by Ian Gass - 25/02/2015
    Met with friends and had a lovely meal. Excellent value for money, a buzz about the place but still able to chat. Will be back.Read the rest
  13. Review - Urban Bar & Brasserie, Glasgow

    Urban birthday lunch
    Rating 4.2/5 by Jan Gendreau - 24/02/2015
    Excellent 2 courses, friendly efficient serviceRead the rest
  14. Review - Bar Soba Mitchell Lane, Glasgow

    Nice fusion food
    Rating 4.2/5 by Janice Nicoll - 24/02/2015
    Great place to go for inventive cocktails and tasty fusion food.Read the rest
  15. Review - A Little Taste of Italy Ristorante Teatro, Glasgow

    Pre Theatre dinner
    Rating 4.8/5 by Angela Tait - 24/02/2015
    First time diners in this particular restaurant. Very quiet ( Monday evening before pay pay ) Service and food were exceptional. Our waiter was very attentive and cheery. Lovely intimate...Read the rest
  16. Review - Metropolitan Cocktail Bar & Restaurant, Glasgow

    Perfect for lunchbreaks
    Rating 4.2/5 by Elaine Macfarlane - 24/02/2015
    We ate from the Express menu and it lived up to its name - the food arrived within a few minutes. Pretty substantial portions and great quality - loved...Read the rest
  17. Review - 29 - The Grill At The Square, Glasgow

    Lovely lunch
    Rating 4.6/5 by Rhona Johnston - 24/02/2015
    The food was very tasty, the set menu covered all the bases and the service was friendly. The restaurant was very quiet, but then it was a mid week lunch. The set...Read the rest
  18. Review - A Little Taste of Italy Ristorante Teatro, Glasgow

    Prefect Italian
    Rating 5/5 by Joanne Mills - 24/02/2015
    2nd time at this restaurant. I forgot to mention on my last review they give a small bowl of olives and bread whilst you look at the menu which I...Read the rest
  19. Review - A Little Taste of Italy Ristorante Teatro, Glasgow

    Traditional Italian
    Rating 5/5 by Joanne Mills - 24/02/2015
    My first time here and trying to eat quickly on my lunch break. 2 courses. I had the minestrone which was gorgeous and the Italian sausage pasta. Very generous portions....Read the rest
  20. Review - Tiki Bar & Kitsch Inn, Glasgow

    Great food, great value
    Rating 4.8/5 by Laura McLean - 23/02/2015
    Excellent meal and great value on the pre theatre. More authentic than many Thai restaurants with a decent hit of spice and good service.Read the rest
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