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  1. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    Amazing steak
    Rating 4.6/5 by Andre Montague - 28/01/2015
    Cooked to perfection and peppper sauce was delicious. Fab value for money!Read the rest
  2. Review - Azur Bistro, Glasgow

    A snowy night in Princess Square
    Rating 3.8/5 by Elaine Morris - 28/01/2015
    Due to bad weather, the restaurant was rather quiet and lacked atmosphere but the food was fine.Read the rest
  3. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    Great value
    Rating 4.6/5 by Margaret Miller - 28/01/2015
    This was excellent value for money, Quality food and a good night out with friends.Read the rest
  4. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    Great value
    Rating 4.4/5 by leanne mckenzie - 27/01/2015
    Really good value. Lovely mealRead the rest
  5. Review - Alea Glasgow, Red Leaf Restaurant, Glasgow

    Great value as always
    Rating 4/5 by patricia myers - 27/01/2015
    Excellent choice on the £13 for 2 courses. As usual, supplements fro a few dishes, but well worth it.Read the rest
  6. Review - NYC, Glasgow

    Rating 2.6/5 by Margaret McLaughlan - 27/01/2015
    I would say my experience at NYC was just average. The food was just OK which is acceptable when the deal is on (BOGOFF). However, I wasn't happy...Read the rest
  7. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    The perfect steak
    Rating 5/5 by Diane Blyth - 25/01/2015
    The meal was perfect and the service was first class.Read the rest
  8. Review - The Duchess, Glasgow

    Good service and good value
    Rating 4.2/5 by Heather Conway - 25/01/2015
    All was good apart from the roll that came with the burger. On the menu it states brioche bun, and that's the only reason I ordered the burger, so the...Read the rest
  9. Review - NYC, Glasgow

    Friendly staff
    Rating 3.6/5 by Fiona Munro - 25/01/2015
    Good basic burgers.Read the rest
  10. Review - Strata, Glasgow

    Lunch Date
    Rating 3/5 by Denise Hill - 25/01/2015
    Been to Strata before and received excellent service and food, unfortunately the same could not be said for our visit yesterday. Staff attentive but food not to the same...Read the rest
  11. Review - Number 16, Glasgow

    Lunch with my girls....
    Rating 4.6/5 by Heather Harrison - 24/01/2015
    Took my daughter's here for a wonderful lunch.My 19 year didn't like the look of the menu.She is usually a Toni macaroni kind of a girl. However she had the...Read the rest
  12. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    Honour the offer
    Rating 4.6/5 by Grant Elder - 24/01/2015
    Great food great service great atmosphere,but the offer we took up was the 50% discount with the 125ml glass of wine,at no time during our meal were we offered our...Read the rest
  13. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    Good Service, Average Food
    Rating 3.2/5 by Derek Dinning - 24/01/2015
    The service was very good, but we did have to send our bill back twice to have errors amended. Which was done without hesitation. We both had steaks which were...Read the rest
  14. Review - Strata, Glasgow

    Evening out
    Rating 3.8/5 by Chris Hodge - 24/01/2015
    The place has a lovely ambience and very good value for moneyRead the rest
  15. Review - Azur Bistro, Glasgow

    Great wee place - but sit inside if you don't like being cold!
    Rating 4/5 by Fiona Keady - 24/01/2015
    Great food, great service, great background music (Jason Mraz album at one point!) And a very relaxed evening altogether. The only thing that could have been improved was the temperature...Read the rest
  16. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    Good meal
    Rating 4.8/5 by GEORGE RUDDICK - 24/01/2015
    Great meal. Steak fab. Staff even better!Read the rest
  17. Review - NY American Grill, Glasgow

    NY American grill
    Rating 1.4/5 by Debra McDonald - 24/01/2015
    Not the least bit American. Mediocre food. Mediocre service.Read the rest
  18. Review - Strata, Glasgow

    Charged far too much
    Rating 2.6/5 by Lauren McAlear - 24/01/2015
    The food was good but I'll definitely only be going in for drinks from now on. We booked the 5pm deal of £30 per customer, well once we got our...Read the rest
  19. Review - Alea Glasgow, Red Leaf Restaurant, Glasgow

    Excellent once again.
    Rating 4/5 by Stephen Hollywood - 24/01/2015
    The Alea Red Leaf never fails to deliver. Very satisfied.Read the rest
  20. Review - Tempus - Grand Central, Glasgow

    The train is leaving
    Rating 3.2/5 by Mike Thomson - 22/01/2015
    Didn't get off to best start as couldn't find my booking but as restuarant was very quiet, that was not a problem. mixed experience - with my wife being happy...Read the rest
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