Restaurant Reviews in  Glasgow

  1. Review - Di Maggio's (East Kilbride), Near Glasgow

    Never fails to excel
    Rating 5/5 by Karen MacFarlane - 26/05/2015
    Fantastic food as usual, great atmosphere, service and value for moneyRead the rest
  2. Review - Amore, Glasgow

    Rating 5/5 by angela vickers - 25/05/2015
    Excellent food, great atmosphere and top service. Will definitely be back.Read the rest
  3. Review - Di Maggio's (East Kilbride), Near Glasgow

    Excellent as usual.
    Rating 5/5 by ian mcguigan - 25/05/2015
    The food was first class and service was also up to usual high standard. Will definitely be back.Read the rest
  4. Review - Amore, Glasgow

    Team B Day Out
    Rating 3/5 by amanda McLaren - 25/05/2015
    We had a fantastic time - dinner for 8- fab table and amazing service ! Only issue is would nice to know what time we had table for as when...Read the rest
  5. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    Friday Night Out
    Rating 4.4/5 by Pam Bowie - 23/05/2015
    Booked on a 5pm deal. We had a really good night, food was excellent served by very friendly staff. What more could you ask for?Read the rest
  6. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    Barola night
    Rating 4.2/5 by Dennis Mc - 22/05/2015
    Lovely restaurant and good food and service.Read the rest
  7. Review - Di Maggio's (East Kilbride), Near Glasgow

    Great value
    Rating 5/5 by sandra skillen - 21/05/2015
    As always, great value, great choice, great service. recommended to allRead the rest
  8. Review - Amore, Glasgow

    Expected Better
    Rating 3/5 by natalie cook - 21/05/2015
    Heard great things about Amore and have been in the other restaurant which was lovely. When we entered, the waiter practically ran to the table and placed the menus and...Read the rest
  9. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    Retirees night out
    Rating 5/5 by gordon english - 20/05/2015
    Five of us thoroughly enjoyed our meal, great choice and superb quality. The service was very good.Read the rest
  10. Review - O Sole Mio, Glasgow

    O Sole Mio review
    Rating 2.8/5 by Russell Smith - 19/05/2015
    The food was ok but disappointing ambiance; very gloomy interior.Read the rest
  11. Review - Di Maggio's (East Kilbride), Near Glasgow

    Great as ever.
    Rating 5/5 by James Sullivan - 18/05/2015
    Great value for money meal.Read the rest
  12. Review - La Rotunda, Glasgow

    Amazing food
    Rating 5/5 by Paula McNeil - 17/05/2015
    Lovely restaurant. Food was amazing. Great service. Great value for money. Would defo go again. Well worth a visitRead the rest
  13. Review - Amore, Glasgow

    Amore pre theatre
    Rating 4/5 by Grace Young - 17/05/2015
    Food was lovely. Black pudding starter was a bit heavy as big portion but very nice. Spaghetti bolognese again large portion was what you would expect. Had this dish in...Read the rest
  14. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    1st time
    Rating 4.8/5 by iain colquhoun - 16/05/2015
    Couldn't fault food or service both first class. Definitely worth a visitRead the rest
  15. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    Friends Night Out
    Rating 5/5 by Carol Haggerty - 16/05/2015
    Great night, great food, service excellent. Would recommend to all my family and freindsRead the rest
  16. Review - Nick's Italian Bar and Grill, Glasgow

    Excellent food and service
    Rating 4.8/5 by Grace Ho - 15/05/2015
    We have enjoyed a great evening with excellent food and service. The restaurant has a very happy atmosphere with many customers drinking and chatting.Read the rest
  17. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    Switch the menu
    Rating 3.8/5 by jean mcwilliam - 15/05/2015
    Very disappointed about the menu. When we sat at the table we were given an excellent menu then when I mentioned free whisky he took away the lovely menu and...Read the rest
  18. Review - Nick's Italian Bar and Grill, Glasgow

    Fantastic Birthday Meal
    Rating 5/5 by Richard Anton - 12/05/2015
    Fantastic meal, had bruschetta with brie and black pudding which was a great combination. Our main was the Ribeye steak surf and turf which was cooked perfectly served with large...Read the rest
  19. Review - Barolo Grill, Glasgow

    Fantastic, delicious food
    Rating 4.8/5 by Karen McQuillan - 11/05/2015
    Fantastic venue, staff very accomodating when taking young child and arranged food especially for her. Food was delicious and great value for money. Will def be backRead the rest
  20. Review - The Italian Kitchen, Glasgow

    Sunday lunch
    Rating 3.8/5 by Rachel Ward - 11/05/2015
    Staff were friendly. Did not realise a glass of wine was included in the deal so that was a nice extra. Food was fab.Read the rest
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