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  1. Review - One Up, Glasgow

    Lunch deal
    Rating 4.6/5 by andy davis - 24/07/2016
    Food was really good and value for money. Not a great deal of atmosphere and the service was efficient rather than really good/excellent.Read the rest
  2. Review - Grosvenor Cafe, Glasgow

    Great night before macbeth
    Rating 5/5 by stewart campbell - 24/07/2016
    Great value for this deal was not rushed and had to ask for the bill as it was time to leave for our showRead the rest
  3. Review - October Cafe and Late Bar, Glasgow

    Dinner at October Cafe
    Rating 5/5 by Margaret Napier - 23/07/2016
    Second time my friend and I have visited. Great food and lovely staff again. We will definitely be back.Read the rest
  4. Review - October Cafe and Late Bar, Glasgow

    afternoon Tea
    Rating 4.8/5 by Joanne Wade - 22/07/2016
    really enjoyed afternoon tea £8.95 add prosecco for £3 - found the food was really fresh and loved the sandwiches but felt the cakes could have been more varied got...Read the rest
  5. Review - Waverley Tea Rooms, Glasgow

    Great for families
    Rating 4/5 by Julia Chalmers - 22/07/2016
    My little one always likes it here, the soft play is a great addition. We had a few complaints about the food, we were quite a big table and...Read the rest
  6. Review - One Up, Glasgow

    Poor service let it down
    Rating 3/5 by Andi Anderson - 21/07/2016
    Good food, great deal but had to ask 3 times for a glass of water and waited over 20 minutes for them to take our order despite there being only...Read the rest
  7. Review - October Cafe and Late Bar, Glasgow

    Decent food and great value for money
    Rating 4.4/5 by Samia Anderson - 21/07/2016
    Great location and had a lovely meal with super service. The £30 deal is excellent value for money.Read the rest
  8. Review - One Up, Glasgow

    Hidden gem
    Rating 4.4/5 by derek muircroft - 21/07/2016
    Been to one up for 5pm deals many times and have never been dissapointed, good food great valueRead the rest
  9. Review - 56 North, Edinburgh

    Dining in the sunshine
    Rating 3/5 by shirley cusack - 20/07/2016
    A busy evening with most people sitting outside so staff busy squeesing round the metal chairs and tables. They were friendly and quick. The main problem was the...Read the rest
  10. Review - One Up, Glasgow

    cracking wee deal
    Rating 4.4/5 by derek muircroft - 18/07/2016
    one up is a bit of a hidden gem in the city, we have been many times, and will continue to do so, excellent food atmosphere and valueRead the rest
  11. Review - One Up, Glasgow

    Girls lunch
    Rating 5/5 by Jan Gammage - 18/07/2016
    Fantastic deal - £15 for 2 burgers and a bottle of wine. Delicious food. Will definitely returnRead the rest
  12. Review - Sygn Bar & Kitchen, Edinburgh

    Good cocktails, good food
    Rating 4/5 by Lindsey Carruthers - 18/07/2016
    We enjoyed our lunch and drinks here. The food was hot, tasty, and there's lots to choose from. There are a range of cocktails, starting from just £5, I had...Read the rest
  13. Review - Moskito, Glasgow

    Decent burger
    Rating 4.4/5 by Rebecca Keith - 17/07/2016
    Pretty decent burger, for the money. More a bar, than a restaurant, but didn't detract from the food. Wine with the meal was OK as well. Cheap, cheerful treat!Read the rest
  14. Review - Moskito, Glasgow

    Fab Offer
    Rating 4.4/5 by anne coats - 16/07/2016
    Excellent value for money and quick friendly service. The food was very good quality for the price.Read the rest
  15. Review - October Cafe and Late Bar, Glasgow

    Location Top Marks
    Rating 3.6/5 by Elsie Dougan - 16/07/2016
    The food was okay nothing special, but service,location and price were all great.Read the rest
  16. Review - Yesbar, Glasgow

    Good option for a good priced meal with good food
    Rating 3.8/5 by Stephen West - 16/07/2016
    good food and excellent offerRead the rest
  17. Review - Strata, Glasgow

    Average afternoon tea
    Rating 3/5 by Eleanor Russell - 13/07/2016
    A very average afternoon teaRead the rest
  18. Review - October Cafe and Late Bar, Glasgow

    Good value
    Rating 4.8/5 by jill riley - 13/07/2016
    The deal for the set menu is prosecco os excellent value!Read the rest
  19. Review - Yesbar, Glasgow

    Rating 3/5 by Sharon Thomas - 11/07/2016
    pizza amazing well worth the moneyRead the rest
  20. Review - Strata, Glasgow

    food and staff
    Rating 3/5 by Jacqueline Young - 11/07/2016
    The staff and the place are lovely, however on this ocassion we were really disappointed. We were given a great table but then we got the menu which was...Read the rest
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