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  1. Review - Hyde Bar Grill & Dining, Glasgow

    Fantastic value, great food
    Rating 4.8/5 by Jan Prestly - 09/10/2014
    My Husband and I had lunch yesterday and the experience was superb. The waiter/barman was extremely polite and friendly which was a great first impression. We ate from the one...Read the rest
  2. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Fabulous lunch
    Rating 4.4/5 by D Grosset - 08/10/2014
    Very enjoyable as usual! We are frequent here!Read the rest
  3. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Customer service second to none
    Rating 3.8/5 by Joyce Morgan - 07/10/2014
    The staff are always so welcoming and attentive without being intrusive. Love the surroundings and food hit the spot.Read the rest
  4. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    Early Dinner
    Rating 5/5 by Janet Strain - 06/10/2014
    We arrived a tad early & had to look for someone to help us, but after a few minutes we were attended to. 6.00 on a Sunday seems popular as...Read the rest
  5. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Best restaurant in Glasgow
    Rating 5/5 by Neil McAllister - 05/10/2014
    Excellent lunch and service.Read the rest
  6. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Great Food, Great Price
    Rating 4.8/5 by Frances Lyttle - 04/10/2014
    My husband and I had a lovely evening here. The food was first class, hot, properly cooked and presented. House Merlot very acceptable at £16.50 a bottle. We had not...Read the rest
  7. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Will be back
    Rating 5/5 by Peter Ritchie - 03/10/2014
    First time at this restaurant and we will definitely be back. The restaurant interior was beautiful and the food was lovely. With the staff being very friendly, attentive and extremely...Read the rest
  8. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    Rating 4.8/5 by Alison Fraser - 03/10/2014
    This was my first time, and it was excellent. The food was delicious, and the waiter was first class. Wine was a bit pricey but the French house red was...Read the rest
  9. Review - Hyde Bar Grill & Dining, Glasgow

    Lunch at Hyde
    Rating 5/5 by Irene Friel - 02/10/2014
    Very helpful staff who were able to answer any questions we had. Excellent food. A lovely lunch with my friend. We will be back.Read the rest
  10. Review - Morblas Seafood & Grill, Glasgow

    Great food, spotty service
    Rating 3.8/5 by Buff Sessions - 02/10/2014
    This is my 3rd time at Morblas. While the food was delicious, I was very disappointed with the service last evening. The restaurant was not busy, but the staff was...Read the rest
  11. Review - Hyde Bar Grill & Dining, Glasgow

    Fashionable location and food
    Rating 3.8/5 by JENNIFER SHAW - 02/10/2014
    Striking bar diner area entered straight off the street with extremely high ceilings which probably led to the coolness of the temperature. It had attractive bar and impressive décor with...Read the rest
  12. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Not as good as I expected
    Rating 2.4/5 by Jennifer Wilkes - 30/09/2014
    Food and service was ok but nothing to write home about. Would not go back again as given the price there are better alternatives in Glasgow.Read the rest
  13. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    50th treat
    Rating 4.4/5 by Susan Gilmour - 30/09/2014
    I took a friend here for her 50th birthday and we had a lovely meal, attentive staff and nice atmosphere. Not the cheapest, but will definitely be back for special...Read the rest
  14. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Couldn't fault it!
    Rating 4.8/5 by Margaret Crombie - 30/09/2014
    Food, wine, service and ambience all great. Staff were friendly and helpful. Service was slick but unhurried. Will go back again in near future.Read the rest
  15. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Good food
    Rating 4/5 by Alison Stewart - 29/09/2014
    The food was very good indeed and was busy for a Monday lunch-time. My only gripe was I forgot we were meant to get a dram of Glengoyne single malt...Read the rest
  16. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Excellent yet again
    Rating 4.8/5 by Linda Murray - 29/09/2014
    Excellent value for money, beautiful surroundings and lovely meal!Read the rest
  17. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    Living on past glories
    Rating 3.4/5 by Stuart Green - 29/09/2014
    Had a three course lunch £21.50 - Starter was crayfish and crab tian. Underwhelming. Main was grilled sea bream and crushed potatoes with fennel and pesto. Sea bream was cooked...Read the rest
  18. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Great Food! Great Service!
    Rating 5/5 by Mark Smith - 27/09/2014
    This is by far the best restaurant in Glasgow! We are never disappointed. Great food, great service. Sadly we did not receive our wee dram with the offer but we...Read the rest
  19. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Best deal on 5pm!
    Rating 4/5 by jackie gallagher - 25/09/2014
    The food is always of a very good standard and I love that we could choose from the main menu and not a reduced selection. Service is friendly, attentive and...Read the rest
  20. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Anniversary meal
    Rating 4.6/5 by Graham McGee - 24/09/2014
    Food and wine was excellent, as was the service.Read the rest
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