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  1. Review - Oregano at The Eagle Lodge, Glasgow

    Saturday early evening
    Rating 4.2/5 by Geraldine Quigley - 20/07/2016
    Very good valueRead the rest
  2. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Always great
    Rating 5/5 by Kathryn Pirie - 20/07/2016
    I've been going here for over 20 years and it never disappoints.Read the rest
  3. Review - Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant, Glasgow

    Nice restaurant
    Rating 3.8/5 by Kathryn Pirie - 20/07/2016
    I had a lovely meal with a glass of Prosecco.Read the rest
  4. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    Lovely food, great service.
    Rating 5/5 by Marion Mannion - 20/07/2016
    Great restaurant.Read the rest
  5. Review - Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant, Glasgow

    alla turca lunch
    Rating 3.8/5 by Alison Campbell - 20/07/2016
    Great food good sevice.Only downside was 10%service charge,which we would have tipped maybe even more!Read the rest
  6. Review - Gusto Glasgow, Glasgow

    Family meal
    Rating 5/5 by Clare McConnell - 19/07/2016
    Four of us enjoyed a lovely meal with excellent service early Sunday evening. Particularly enjoyed haddock risotto.Read the rest
  7. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    Super food great location
    Rating 5/5 by john reynolds - 18/07/2016
    This 3 course meal was easily the best food i have had in Glasgow over the last year or so. its fantastic so don't miss an opportunity to go if you...Read the rest
  8. Review - Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant, Glasgow

    Good food
    Rating 4.6/5 by ALISON DRENNAN - 18/07/2016
    Hadn't been for a while, and nice to see the standard hasn't dropped. Food deliciousRead the rest
  9. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Excellence All Round
    Rating 5/5 by Jacqueline Gilmartin - 14/07/2016
    Full marks for our lunch time treat yesterday. Food and service, as usual were outstanding.Read the rest
  10. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Rating 5/5 by Jean Orr - 11/07/2016
    I was lucky enough to get the private dining deal for my 70th birthday lunch along with nine other 'ladies' on 18th June. Everyone loved everything about it. The decor...Read the rest
  11. Review - The Restaurant Bar and Grill (Glasgow), Glasgow

    Late Lazy Lunch
    Rating 4.6/5 by suzanne Benson - 11/07/2016
    We enjoyed a lunch on a very busy Saturday afternoon. Food was excellent. staff were great.Read the rest
  12. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Enjoyable evening
    Rating 4/5 by PAULINE CAMPBELL - 11/07/2016
    We had booked a mid week deal through 5pm and the meal represented excellent value for money. The crab and prawn cocktail was lovely. We both had fish, which was...Read the rest
  13. Review - Rogano, Glasgow

    Staff were attentive and discreet
    Rating 5/5 by Catherine Stevenson - 11/07/2016
    We had a most pleasant evening at Rogano's. The food and service were exceptional. Top class.Read the rest
  14. Review - Two Fat Ladies at The Buttery, Glasgow

    Always a pleasure
    Rating 4.2/5 by stephen clark - 10/07/2016
    Great service and good food for a Saturday LunchRead the rest
  15. Review - Gusto Glasgow, Glasgow

    Great place
    Rating 4.6/5 by Helen Williamson - 09/07/2016
    Excellent food and service, and delicious aperitivo. Did the early dining deal, which seemed a good price to begin with but was a bit horrified at the final price...Read the rest
  16. Review - Cafe Rogano, Glasgow

    Did not let me down
    Rating 4/5 by Norma Boston - 06/07/2016
    I was taking a friend who had not been before and I was not disappointed. Food excellent and great value.Read the rest
  17. Review - The Restaurant Bar and Grill (Glasgow), Glasgow

    One to visit
    Rating 5/5 by Angela Gilbert - 04/07/2016
    Went for a 5pm, food was superb, staff very attentive and lovely atmosphere.Read the rest
  18. Review - Oregano at The Eagle Lodge, Glasgow

    Family meal
    Rating 4.8/5 by kevin mcgill - 03/07/2016
    We enjoyed the whole dinning experience at the eagle lodge. Kids loved the food as well as the adults.Read the rest
  19. Review - Oregano at The Eagle Lodge, Glasgow

    2 course's and a drink £10.95
    Rating 4.2/5 by Jacqueline Campbell - 03/07/2016
    Myself and 6 of my family enjoyed the 2 course deal. The menu has plenty to choose from and the drink included is great. Some also added on a dessert...Read the rest
  20. Review - Alla Turca Turkish Restaurant, Glasgow

    Delicious food could do better with service.
    Rating 4/5 by Alison Clancy - 03/07/2016
    Food was delicious we could not fault it, hence why weve been back twice. Staff were not very welcoming or chatty. The male server spoke to quietly I couldn't...Read the rest
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