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£12 Dining Sale!

Dine in your favourite restaurants for only £12 this January with the 5pm Sale.

At the start of the year every spare penny counts, you can dine in Glasgow and Edinburgh's top restaurants for just £12 for 2 or 3 courses (and some offers even have a free drink!).

Browse £12 Sale offers at restaurants for whatever date you're looking for, find the restaurant that suits you best and book in - it's as easy as that!


Having booked the 5pm deal, we found the overall bill quite expensive compared the expected. Especially considering the unfortunate amateur service.
John Whoriskey - 19/10/2016
Another excellent lunch in pleasant surroundings. Food was excellent as expected . Staff very friendly, extremely good value
Heather Maitland - 19/10/2016
Perfect food, drink and ambience. Will be back
Brenda Muir - 19/10/2016
I took my friend here for her birthday and was really please with both the food and service. A nice touch when they brought us a small platter of petits-fours with 'Happy Birthday' on
Lynne Wilson - 19/10/2016


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