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Italian restaurants are among the most popular eating out options in Britain today and you can easily book a table at them using From Ristorante Biagio on Picadilly to La Parmigiana in Glasgow, Italian restaurants lay on a warm welcome the length and breadth of Britain. There is a pizza and pasta joint on nearly every High Street and, at the fine dining end of the market, Italian chefs work in some of the best restaurants in the country.

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The best Chinese restaurants in Britain have attracted loyal lovers of Chinese food for decades. Starting out in port cities at the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese restaurants quickly proved so popular that they spread to all four corners of the UK. From Berkshire to Birmingham and up to Aberdeen, Chinese restaurants can be found on every High Street. By using 5pm’s convenient online booking service, fans of Chinese cuisine can find the best restaurant for them in their area.

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Since many diners reckon that curry is Britain’s favourite food, is it any wonder that Indian restaurants in the UK are so popular? From familiar dishes like chicken tikka massala to cutting edge contemporary creations such as those served in Mayfair’s Benares restaurant, Indian cuisine makes our mouths water. So it’s no surprise if a lot of us think that a week has been wasted without a visit to our favourite Indian restaurant but, with such a great choice of great Indian eating places on offer, how do you find the ones you like? 5pm has the answer.

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