5pm Restaurants

5pm currently delivers over £10 million of bookings per year to the restaurant industry.

5pm Restaurants is designed to improve yield management and profitability.

5pm Restaurants adapt to your business needs. Whether your looking to run a one off Big Deal, market specific offers, electronic reservations, coupon handling or email marketing, you choose the services that meet your business requirements.

Fill empty seats at quiet times

  • 5pm generates over 22,000 restaurant bookings per month
  • Customers can view your offers and menus online

Attract new customers

  • Attract new customers from our vast ABC 1 consumer group
  • Reach customers regardless what device they are using with free profiles on the 5pm Restaurant app and mobile site

Take advantage of new marketing channels

  • Targeted email marketing, online advertising, social media, newsletters and posts on the 5pm Restaurant blog

Increase your business profile

  • Bespoke, professionally written and designed profile pages to promote your business

Accurate analysis

  • Accurate analysis for you to measure your return on investment and effectiveness of your offer

Flexibility & ease of use

  • Customer Care team are available 7 days a week

simple Electronic Reservation Book

  • simpleERB.com - our cloud based simple electronic reservation book


  • 5pm restaurants charge £200 + VAT annual fee, plus a sliding commission of 65p - £1.30 + VAT on bookings